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Report Location

Standard > Annual > 1098-T > 2023


Students who generate a 1098-T will be those active during the tax year 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023 who had a payment ledger entry towards qualified education expenses.

· To generate a list of these students:

1. Reports (Query) > Ledger > Receipts > Receipts Date Range

2. Query Is Active On 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023

3. Click Print and enter the same date range 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023

· You are only required to file a 1098-T if the student is enrolled in the tax year you are filing for. You should provide the student their ledger statement if they made payments outside of an active year. The student should save and submit all receipts to their CPA.

· This report generates information based on postings added to student ledgers, inaccurate ledger coding will result in inaccurate 1098-Ts. This includes Disbursement Date, Program Code, ledger Type, and allocation Type (fees, books, kit and tuition).

Available Reports

· 1098-T 2023 is the primary report you will run. This report gives the option of printing off a copy for either you as the Filer or for the Student.

· 1098-T 2023 Grid View will report all students that have a 1098-T, organized in columns for quick viewing.

· 1098-T 2023 Labels will format mailing labels for all students that have a 1098-T.

Box Details

· BOX 1: All allowable education expenses related to Tuition, Books, Equip-Tools-Kit, or Fees in the Tax year 2023 regardless of Program. If this number is negative, meaning a refund, then a 0 will be in this box and that negative number will show as a positive in Box 4. Example: If the amount is -$1500, then Box 1 will show a zero and Box 4 will show $1500.

· To verify the totals, query the following report:

1. Ledger (Query) > Earnings & Receivables – Detail > query Name

2. Enter 1/1/2023 – 12/31/2023

3. The Total Paid Contract column, less any amount in the Other Pd column, should match Box 1

· BOX 2: The IRS no longer requires this information.

· BOX 3: The IRS no longer requires this information.

· BOX 4: Adjustments. If there is a number in this box, this means that the Box 1 total was negative, as explained above.

· BOX 5: All grants/scholarships posted to the ledger as CARDCASHDISB and MISC in the Tax year 2023.

· See Table 1.1 for the complete list of Programs and which ledger Types they require for 1098-T inclusion.

· If this number is negative (ledger post ADJB or REFD) it will display a 0 and the negative amount will be displayed as a positive in Box 6.

· To verify the totals, perform the following for each Program:

1. Ledger (Query) > Receipts > Receipts Date Range

2. On the Financial tab select the Program Code from the drop down box. You will need to run this report once for each of the programs listed that students utilized in 2023.

3. Notate the student’s Total. The grand total of all Program totals should match the student’s Box 5

· BOX 6: If there is a negative number in Box 5, it will show here as a positive number. Example: If the total for Box 5 is -$500, then Box 5 will show a 0 and Box 6 will show a positive $500.

· BOX 7: This does not apply.

· BOX 8: This will show a checked box depending on the students Enrollment Type from the Academic Tab of the Student Profile. If the student is ½ time, ¾ time, or full time, the box will be checked. If the student is part time, then the box will not be checked.

· If you feel Box 8 should be checked you can perform the following:

1. Reports > Student (Query) > Student Demographics

2. Set the query Courses > Enrollment Type > Part (time)

3. Print the report for a list of Part time students

4. Change the applicable student(s) from Part to Half time

· Student Profile > Academics > Enrollment Type

5. Run BOTH the paper copy and the Electronic file

6. Change your student(s) back to Part time

· BOX 9: This does not apply.

· BOX 10: This does not apply.

How to Generate the Electronic File

See this knowledge base article: 1098-T Electronic Filing

How to Generate Paper Copies for Students

Note: The Print to Form option is for schools that utilize blank 1098-T printer forms

1. Reports > Standard > Annual > 1098-T > 1098-T 2023

2. For “Change Reporting Method” select No

3. For “Print to Form” select No (unless you utilize blank 1098-T forms)

4. For “Which Copy” select B for student

5. Export to PDF

· When printing PDF make sure that Page Sizing & Handling is set to “Actual Size” (not Fit, Shrink oversized pages or Custom Scale)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the deadline for getting paper copies to students?

· 1/31/2023

2. What is the deadline for electronic filing with the IRS?

· 3/31/2023

3. How do I get my Filer’s Federal Identification Number?

· This is the TIN Number located on the School Licenses tab in Basic Setup. If it is not located there, ask your school administrator or the IRS.

4. What is my Payer Name?

· This is the first 4 letters that your school files under. If you don’t know this, obtain it from your school administrator or the IRS.

5. Why are the numbers wrong?

· Only Title IV aid should be disbursed, if other funds are disbursed it will adversely affect the report results.

6. Where do I file my Electronic File?


7. What if I need to file a correction?

· This applies if funds were posted incorrectly and you had to fix a student’s financials

· Generate the Electronic file after you have made the changes

· Send the file to [email protected]

· We will make the necessary adjustments and return the file to you

8. There was an error when uploading the file

· If the error is not specific, log into your IRS login at Open the error message to see the details

· Send the detailed error message to [email protected]

· We will investigate the error and notify you


Table 1.1

*Red represents negative amounts, these will subtract from Box 5. Negative Box 5 entries will display as 0 and populate Box 6 as a positive number.
Green represents positive amounts, these populate Box 5.
White represents no 1098-T data generated.

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